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Creative Photo Awards 2021

18. 03. 2021

Creative Photo Awards 2021 - Sienna



Don't miss the chance to enter the Creative Photo Awards, a competition dedicated to rewarding originality, experimentation and imagination by encouraging the creative use of the medium of photography.

We are looking for photos born from the author's passion and deep sensitivity: the result of the need to express feelings through a unique and original vision of the surrounding reality.



Nature & Landscape

Photography featuring environment and landscapes in an artistic way, often enhanced, showing scenes in nature through the creative eye and techniques of the photographer.


Creative Photo Awards 2021 Sienna



Images featuring people and activities relating to wedding or engagement ceremonies, celebrations or traditions.


Creative Photo Awards 2021 Sienna



Glamour-style portraiture, either artistic or commercial, emphasizing someone’s or something’s beauty.

Creative Photo Awards 2021 Sienna


Photography featuring the animals’ life through the creative eye of the photographer. Unethical treatment of the animals are not allowed.

Creative Photo Awards 2021 Sienna


Exhibition & Gala

All winning photographers will be exhibited in November in Siena (Italy) during the Siena Awards Festival! An opening reception will be held for artists, media, photo editors and sector insiders for a night of art appreciation and networking during one of the world's largest international ceremonies dedicated to photography.


Creative Photo Awards 2021 Sienna


Rules: Here... 


Partnery Galerie WWG.CZ jsou společnosti Centrum FotoŠkoda, EIZO, Olympus, Nielsen, Rim a FOMEI.   


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